The Company Viel Plastiques

The company Viel Plastiques has its roots from its founder, Simone Viel, pioneer in the industry, enterprising and visionary, she had since 1952 endow Viel Plastiques with a desire to innovate. On the lookout for new technologies, she early invested in innovative machinery during the growth of the plastics industry.

Daniel Viel continued with his father Henri this approach by focusing on large-tonnage machines to target the most specific markets of the time. Convinced of the possibilities offered by exportation, he developed commercial relations in the world.

Recognized for his performance, Daniel VIEL received several awards including the best exporter in the region.

Suivant l’évolution du marché l’entreprise s’est spécialisée dans le packaging.  Innovante elle a déposé de nombreux brevets dans le domaine. Viel Plastiques forte de son expérience développe ses produits propres (systèmes de fermeture de sac) et accompagne des entreprises diverses dans le développement technique de leurs projets industriels.

Daniel Viel

Valérie Poisat
General Manager